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Office 365 & Microsoft Office Professional Plus

What Is Office Professional Plus?

With Office Professional Plus, users get the latest version of the Microsoft Office applications, seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services, so they can access their documents, email, and calendars from virtually any device. Office Professional Plus includes the new Office Web Apps—online companions to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, and Microsoft OneNote®—which let users review and make minor edits to documents directly from a browser.

 Purchasing Office Professional Plus

 Office 365  administrators provision users for Office Professional Plus by assigning an Office Professional Plus license to a user in the Office 365 Portal. Once provisioned, users can download Office Professional Plus from the Information Worker Portal.

The Microsoft Online Services Portal enables organizations to try or buy subscriptions to Office 365, including Office Professional Plus. When creating the account, the customer administrator enters the number of Office Professional Plus licenses needed. This information is stored with the account in the Microsoft data center and can be modified to included new licenses or deprovision purchased licenses. Service administrators can return to this portal to decommission a license and reassign to a new user or to add new licenses.

NOTE: Each license allows a user to install Office Professional Plus on up to five simultaneous machines.

If a user attempts to install Office Professional Plus on a sixth machine, he or she will receive a message showing the machines that are active for the license. The message will instruct the user to disable the subscription on one of the active machines to proceed.

The list of PCs in use for a specific license can be shown at any time by typing osaui /R at a command prompt.

What happen when the user is disabled from O365? : Once the subscription is disabled, it may take 45 to 60 days for Office Professional Plus to enter Reduced Functionality Mode. In Reduced Functionality Mode, users can view Microsoft Office documents but cannot create, save, or modify them.

 Activation Details

Office Professional Plus indicates its license status in any of the Office applications (for example, Word or Excel) in the application Help window.

To view the Help window, click File, and then click Help


During the installation process, Office Professional Plus checks the status of the Office 365 subscription, and activates the product automatically. Licenses assigned to Office Professional Plus subscribers are valid for 30 days. Office Professional Plus validates user subscriptions once a month. If the user subscription is still valid, the product is automatically reactivated for another 30 days. If Office Professional Plus cannot validate a user’s subscription status within 30 days of the last activation, it will enter a 30-day “grace period”, where the product is fully functional though the subscription is not active.

Copyright Information hyperlink, subscription versions of Office Professional Plus will display the following message: “Part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Subscription” Non-subscription versions of Office will not contain the word “subscription.

How can users re-activate Office Professional Plus after it enters reduced functionality mode?

When the product enters Reduced Functionality Mode, users can reactive Office Professional Plus by connecting the PC to the Internet and ensuring that the licenses are active. When these conditions are met, users can type either of the following commands in a command prompt or the Run dialog box:

  • OSAUI.exe /K (reactivates the Office 365 account associated with the password previously entered).
  • OSAUI.exe /F (reactivates a different Office 365 account).



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